Christopher N. Siwy, Fire Marshal

Michael Giantonio, Deputy Fire Marshal


Phone: 860-652-7526
Office Location: 3rd Floor of Town Hall

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Fire Safety Tip!

Homes with smoke alarms AND sprinkler systems give you a 30% greater chance of surviving a house fire than smoke alarms alone.

Our Services

Inspection of public buildings and enforcement of the Connecticut Fire Safety Code, Connecticut Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code, Connecticut Oil Burning Code, Connecticut Gas Equipment and Piping Code, Connecticut Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code and Liquefied Natural Gas Code, Connecticut Fireworks and Special Effects Code, and Explosive Regulations as prescribed by Connecticut General Statutes.

Mission Statement

To provide high quality, efficient and comprehensive services through technology, communications and professionalism to ensure continuing enhancement of the quality of life.

Goals & Objectives

Objectives include expanding fire prevention programs and implementing protocol required by the Uniform Fire Prevention Code, including local ordinance modification, occupancy and inspection cataloging, and procedures for the development and implementation of an infraction system. Continue to provide efficient customer service while managing increasing community demands. The ongoing goal of the Fire Marshal’s Office is to provide a community which is reasonably safe from the ravages of fire, smoke and panic, through successful elements of risk reduction methods, including enforcement, education, planning and investigation.