Daniel Pennington, Glastonbury Town Engineer/Manager of Physical Services2380 New London Turnpike
Glastonbury, CT 06033  

Daniel Pennington P.E. 
Town Engineer / Manager of Physical Services
(860) 652-7736 




Charles Mahan, Glastonbury Physical Services Operations Manager


Charles Mahan
Physical Services Operations Manager
(860) 652-7750

Judy Hafele, Administrative Secretary
Phone: 860-652-7749 

Charles Little 
Highway Maintenance Supervisor
(860) 652-7750 


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About the Highway Division

The Highway Division is one of three divisions of the Department of Physical Services under the direction of the Town Engineer / Manager of Physical Services. The Highway Division is responsible for maintenance, repair, and construction of streets, drainage systems, sanitary sewers, traffic controls, sidewalks, and other features of the Town’s infrastructure system. Overall maintenance and construction is accomplished through the use of in-house labor and equipment working in conjunction with contractual entities. Resolution of pertinent inquiries and service requests from citizens is also coordinated by the Highway Division.

Our Services

The principal programs, services, & activities offered by this Division are:

  • Snow and ice removal during winter storm events
  • Street sweeping and roadside mowing
  • Preparation and administration of the Town street paving program
  • Catch basin cleaning and sanitary sewer main flushing
  • Joint operation of the Bulky Waste sand and gravel operation
  • Maintenance of Town-owned traffic signals, application of all pavement markings, and installation of all regulatory/advisory traffic signage
  • Maintenance and construction of the Town’s extensive storm drainage system.