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Bobby Ashton, Glastonbury IT Director

  Bobby Ashton
  Information Technology Manager
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Department Description

The Information Technology Division serves the technology needs of all Departments and Divisions of the Town of Glastonbury with the exception of the Glastonbury Public Schools. The primary purpose of this division is to use technology to more effectively perform tasks involving the processing, storage and dissemination of information.  The IT Division serves as a critical business partner to all town departments in addressing service and operational objectives through the appropriate use of equipment and automation.

The Division supports network servers and computer workstations along with associated printers, network switches, and routers. The Town’s Local Area Network encompasses 23 facilities using a town-wide fiber optic network which connects roughly 35 schools and Town buildings.


The mission of the Information Technology Division (IT) is to create an environment of seamless integration between people and technology. The IT Division's principle goals include:

  • Service Quality and Accessibility:  Technology improves access to town information and services and enhances the quality of our customers' experience.
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness:  Technology maximizes the efficiency and effectiveness of town operations
  • Innovation: Leverage technology as a catalyst for innovation.
  • Quality, Sustainable IT Infrastructure: Our technology is current, secure, and reliable and maintaining these standards is an essential element of the Town-wide infrastructure strategy.   

Services Provided

  • Administration of physical and virtual servers, computer workstations, associated printers, network switches, and routers.
  • Town-wide hardware/software procurement.
  • Support for all employees and their respective personal computers (PCs) and mobile devices.
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity.
  • 40 miles of fiber optic network infrastructure.
  • Assist Town Departments with business analysis of potential new technologies that can enhance services offered or improve productivity.
  • Support Public Access Computers and Wireless Internet Access to the Public at multiple locations around the town.

 On-going Goals

  • Provide a reliable and robust computing environment to town staff via 99%+ availability to local area and wide area network resources.
  • Maintain and replace equipment on an efficient basis such that equipment is used as long as possible without becoming a productivity liability to town staff.
  • Provide timely service response to network difficulties and equipment malfunctions such that staff productivity impact is minimal.

Specific Goals and Initiatives for Coming Year and Beyond

  • Update Network security to adhere to the most recent PCI and NIST SP800-53 standards to protect Town networking facilities.
  • Expand town website functionality for 24/7 operations through use of online job applications and fillable forms.
  • Augment existing procedures for “Paperless Office” with new technologies including Document Management.
  • Expand town fiber network to new areas not presently served for better public internet connections and more efficient operations.