Refuse Disposal and Sanitation

MIke Bisi, Glastonbury Director of Sanitation

Michael J. Bisi
Superintendent of Sanitation
Phone: 860-652-7774  

Lisa Dunnack, Sanitation Clerk 

Phone: (860) 652-7772


Recycling Programs and Resources


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Department Services 

The Refuse Division provides oversight of all solid and Hazardous Waste programs to ensure the safe and efficient disposal and protection of public health in compliance with Federal and State permit requirements. Services provide include:

  • Provide effective Refuse & Recycling programs for waste generated within the Town.
  • Operation of the Transfer Station/Recycling facility and Satellite program.
  • Operation of the Bulky Waste Facility for disposal of demolition and construction related waste and the mining – processing of excavated materials for Town use.
  • Provide effective Household Hazardous Waste disposal program as an active member of the Capitol Region Operating Committee.
  • Ensure community is informed regarding current programs and services related to all aspects of solid waste disposal and recycling.
  • Issuance and enforcement of waste disposal permit program including commercial waste collectors.

Ongoing Goals 

  • Continue to refine the composting program to enhance revenues and efficiencies.
  • Ongoing review of recycling program efforts to maximize where feasible to help offset refuse disposal fees.


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Photo Sources: Brush/Leaf Disposal Photo by Kadri Vosumae from Pexels; Food waste image from Pexels; paper shred image from PickPik