Sewer Use Billing Information

The sewer use bill is based on water consumption. The billing period is from July 1 to June 30 and the bill is due November 1st . There are three domestic water sources:

1. Metropolitan District Commission (MDC) 860-278-7850

2. Manchester Water Company 860-647-3115 

3. Private Well Water

Your water company notifies us as to how much water you have used in hundred cubic feet (1 ccf = 748 gallons) and we calculate the amount by multiplying the ccf’s times the sewer use rate (2019 year bill rate is $3.15/ccf). The sewer use rate is adopted each year by the Water Pollution Control Authority.

If you have well water, your bill is determined by using the average amount of water consumed by an average customer (140 ccf’s). The 2019 average bill is 140 ccf’s X $3.15 or $441.00.

There also is a minimum bill/standby charge of $60.00.

As the owner of record in November a sewer use bill will be processed to you. An adjustment for the period when you may not have owned the property should have been addressed at the time of property transfer at closing. If this was not done properly you must contact whoever performed your closing directly.


You may appeal your bill by sending a letter stating the reason for appeal (examples: have sprinkler system, filled swimming pool, water company issued a credit which we didn’t know about, major leak etc.), along with supporting evidence to the Sanitation Department, Water Pollution Control Authority (WPCA), Attention: Superintendent of Sanitation, 2155 Main Street, Glastonbury, Ct. 06033. Please note although your bill may be under appeal you are still responsible for payment to avoid delinquent fees. If an adjustment is made a refund will be processed accordingly.

The following provides policy guidelines adopted by the WPCA regarding billing adjustments. Please note, due to the cost of processing bills a minimum bill, standby charge has been established. This bill may be processed in cases where property is connected to the sewer system with -0- consumption or consumption is minimal.

Water Company Credit - Normally this credit is typically adjusted by our office prior to the bills being processed by the Revenue Collector. If the credit occurs in the actual billing period being billed, the sewer use bill adjustment is made for the same amount credited by the water company. If the water company credit exceeds the sewer use consumption bill we do not offer a rebate or credit on future bills. The water company credit shall be for the actual billing year and one previous year only (total of two billing years).

Pool fill, Sprinklers (non-sewered use) - Normally adjustments are made based on documentation provided by the customer and reviewed by the WPCA. Methods typically used to adjust the bill, if justified include, use average bill, double winter quarters of water use, or adjust for the specific amount of documented non sewer use. Adjustments shall be made for the actual billing year and up to one additional year only. Minimum adjustment for consideration is $10.00.

Special Meters - These are cases where a special meter was installed and our office was not notified of the meter. Normally the meter is read and adjustment made accordingly. Adjustment for billing year and one previous year (total of two billing years).

New Construction, No consumption - A minimum bill will be processed if the property was connected at anytime during the billing year (July 1st - June 30th). No adjustments shall be made to these bills, any connection made at anytime during the billing year shall be subject to a bill even if it is a minimum charge.

Zero or Minimal (Below Minimum Bill Use) Water Consumption
- This is similar to new construction, no consumption. No adjustment shall be made.

Property Transfer / Closings – Since property transfers are done at various times during the year calculating estimated adjustments may be required. The following provides guideline instructions on the process. Note: since Sewer Use billing is based on usage and usage varies bill calculations should not be based on previous bills.

  • Confirm the type of water service on the property. Public (Metropolitan District Corporation (MDC) Manchester Water or Private Well.
  • If water service is provided by a public water provider you must contact them directly (contact information provided at top of page) to ascertain consumption. Note: Sewer Use bills are out annually on November 1st. The billing period covers the preceding July 1st – June 30th period.
  • If water service is provided by a private well a flat rate charge is utilized based on 140 ccf’s of water usage and may be prorated based on the month of sewer connection hookup date.

The adopted unit charge for the 2019 billing year is $3.15 per ccf which calculates the flat rate average bill $441/year. Please note: The Town of Glastonbury assumes no financial responsibility to any party when providing estimated sewer use billing charges since they are normally based on projected consumption and in many cases prior to a final billing rate being adopted.