Meeting Minutes & Agendas

Please note, all official Minutes/Agendas are recorded by the Town Clerk's office and available through their webpage. The Town also posts minutes/agendas to our website for the convenience of our residents.  To view minutes and agendas from Glastonbury Boards, Commissions and Committees, find the group of interest in the table below and click the link in the column for "Past Meetings" or "Upcoming Meetings" to view corresponding documents.

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Boards, Commissions, and Committees             Past Meetings Upcoming Meetings
Board of Assessment Appeals Past BOA Meetings Upcoming BOA Mtgs
Board of Education Archived BofEd Mtgs Upcoming BofEd Mtgs 
Board of Finance Past BOF Meetings Upcoming BOF Mtgs
Commission on Aging Past COA Meetings Upcoming COA Mtgs
Community Beautification Committee Past CBC Meetings Upcoming CBC Mtgs
Conservation Commission Past Conserv. Mtgs Upcoming CC Mtgs
Ethics Commission Past Ethics Meetings Upcoming Ethics Mtgs
Fire Commission Past Fire Comm. Mtgs Upcoming Fire Mtgs
Historic District Commission Past HDC Meetings Upcoming HDC Mtgs
Human Relations Commission Past HRC Meetings Upcoming HRC Mtgs
Insurance Advisory Committee Past IAC Meetings Upcoming IAC Mtgs
Municipal Aquifer Protection Agency Past Aquifer Meetings Upcoming Aquifer Mtgs
Public Buildings Commission Past PBC Meetings Upcoming PBC Mtgs
Recreation Commission Past Recreation Mtgs Upcoming Rec. Mtgs
Town Council Past Council Meetings Upcoming Council Mtgs
Town Plan and Zoning Commission Past TPZ Meetings Upcoming TPZ Mtgs
Water Pollution Control Authority Past WPC Meetings Upcoming WPC Mtgs
Welles Turner Library Board Past Library Board Mtgs Upcoming Library Mtgs
Youth & Family Services Commission Past Y&F Meetings Upcoming Y&F Mtgs
Zoning Board of Appeals Past ZBA Meetings

Upcoming ZBA Mtgs

The groups listed below maintain their own websites with meeting schedules, minutes, and agendas.
Please click the group of interest for more information.

Cox Cable Advisory Group
Public Housing Authority